Elected in 2023 Local Elections Julie Grocutt Sheffield Local Council election candidate Stocksbridge Upper Don

Julie Grocutt

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am proud to call Stocksbridge my home. I have been a member of the Sheffield City Council since 2019 and a member of Stocksbridge Town Council since 2015. In 2018/19 I had the honour to be the Town Mayor and spent the year visiting the many community groups and voluntary organisations we have in the area to promote them, and thank our amazing volunteers.

Away from council work, I enjoy walking in the beautiful countryside that surrounds our area with my family.

What do you think makes a good local councillor?

A good councillor listens to residents to understand the issues facing the ward they represent. They are tireless in seeking solutions to problems and opportunities to make things better for residents. But it isn’t just about the things which don’t work well – a good councillor will understand the positives and will champion all that is great in their ward. A good councillor will always fight for their area and regardless of the outcome I will always there shoulder to shoulder with them.

Tell us three things you're aiming to focus on or achieve for your ward during your term as councillor

1) Supporting residents through the cost of living crisis – After 13 years of punishing Conservative austerity mean the Council’s budget has been cut by a staggering £3.3 billion in real terms since 2010 – despite this we continue to protect frontline services, fundcommunity projects, and prioritise those in need and boost the household support fund.
2) Fighting for local bus services – Including working with regional mayor Oliver Coppard to bring buses back into local control with an affordable, reliable, low-carbon public transport system that is fit for the future to put people before profit
3) Fighting to protect local NHS services – bringing some of the 10000 more nurses Labour have voted to train, into our area.

Tell us three things you're aiming to focus on or achieve for the city of Sheffield during your term as councillor

1) Investing in our neighbourhoods – With ambitious plans to build enough council homes to deliver our city growth targets while protecting the green belt, bringing some of the 13000 new neighbourhood police to our streets and putting more power into local decision making.
2) Growing our local economy – building on Sheffield Labours 4m Economic Regeneration Fund with a new strategic economic plan – an industrial strategy for Sheffield – that buildson our successes.
3) Delivering net zero by 2030 – Building on our previous Climate Impact Assessment with a new Net-Zero test for council spending, so that council projects are in line with net-zero commitments delivering measurable progress not words.

Environment: Sheffield City Council has stated that to reach its aim of net-zero by 2030, "change will be difficult... we will have to take hard decisions as a council on behalf of the city". If elected, what changes will you make to enable Sheffield to reach net zero by 2030?

Labour in Sheffield is committed to reaching net zero by 2030. There is much to be done to achieve this target but Labour has a plan to do this. We introduced a requirement to complete a Climate Impact Assessment for every decision taken across all Policy Committee’s. This placed Climate Change at the heart of council decision making. But we are not stopping there, Labour in Sheffield is introducing a Net-Zero test for council spending, so that council projects are in line with net-zero commitments.

Addressing transport in the city is key, we are committed to bring our buses and trams under public control to reduce dependency on private cars. Labour will also keep pressing the government to help us deliver an adequate electric vehicle network citywide.

Labour is committed to expanding retrofitting of homes. This will reduce emissions and help to tackle the cost of living crisis by reducing bills for residents. To support this expansion we will work our education and training providers to establish Sheffield as a Centre of Expertise for Housing retrofit, to ensure more people learn the skills needed to do important retrofitting work Labour is committed to decarbonisation and bringing all council homes up to at least EPC ‘C’ Energy standard by 2028 to save on energy costs and help towards net zero targets.

Transport: Sheffield City Council, and the Mayoral Combined Authority, have been awarded multi-million pound pots to improve cycling and walking networks. What are your priorities for transport infrastructure in Sheffield?

We needs a good, clean, integrated and affordable public transport network in Sheffield. I am committed to work with our South Yorkshire Mayor, Oliver Coppard, on bus franchising to bring buses and trams back under local control. Labour’s plan to bring our buses back under public control is a key priority for transport in Sheffield. We need routes and fares that work for the people of Sheffield.

We also want people to be healthy and able to breath clean air. Active Travel and low traffic neighbourhood schemes are important as we want our streets to be places where everyone feels safe and move around freely. Better cycling routes, 20mph zones and a greener more inviting public realm are all part of this. We need to consult with residents and businesses so that our schemes work and are evidence based. We need to improve our public spaces and footpaths to make moving around our city on foot as easy, safe and accessible for all. Labour is also committed to transforming the city’s cycling infrastructure by delivering easy-to-follow cycle ways from the city centre to inner city neighbourhoods and key employment areas.

I would like to see more 20mph zones in more areas across our city. It is important that we ensure children have safe walking routes to school. I want to see safe ‘School Streets’ continuing to be rolled out across Sheffield.

Local Economy: Sheffield City Council has a forecasted cumulative budget gap of £111million by 2026/27. How would you raise revenue for the city going forward?

A core commitment for Sheffield Labour’s 2023 election campaign (manifesto here) is to “grow our local economy”.
Key to to achieving this, Labour will:
1) Support the creation of thousands of new jobs in green manufacturing through the Advanced Manufacturing District
2) Deliver a Local Plan focused on local sustainable growth. You can read the draft Local Plan here.
3) Make Sheffield a global hub for sporting and cultural events, and deliver a Gallery of the North creating a new regional flagship artspace.

4) Develop a Local Industrial Strategy
5) Establish Sheffield as a Centre of Expertise for retrofitting homes
6) Increase the number of apprenticeships.

Housing: On 14th December 2022 the council adopted a motion asking the housing policy committee to consider adopting further selective licensing throughout the city. Do you think Landlord Licensing in Sheffield should be extended, from currently applying to Abbeydale Road, Chesterfield Road and London Road, to covering more wards?

  • Yes
  • Unsure
  • No

If you'd like to add details on your position, please do so here

Everyone who rents should expect their home to be safe, well managed and well maintained. Sheffield Labour is committed to using all powers available to improve housing standardsthroughout the city, whether for social tenants or private renters – including implementingselective licensing schemes.
We are committed to a Sheffield Standard – to this end I support the introduction of a city-wide licensing scheme to help ensure that all private rented property in the city is of a good standard. I would support a charge on landlords and support from central Government.

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