This site was created initially to present information about the candidates for local election to Sheffield City Council on May 6th 2021. It now holds all the publicly available information about the current local councillors in one place. We’re currently discussing how this space can be useful outside of election time – please do get in touch with your ideas and keep checking back for updates.

We’re a group of Sheffielders who wanted to know more about who we could vote for as our local councillors, tried Googling, and realised there was nowhere that pulled information about the candidates’ positions, policies, parties, priorities and ideas together for Sheffield. We wanted to make it possible to compare candidates in the Sheffield Local Election on May 6th 2021. The project is volunteer-run and entirely non-party political.

We believe information is important for increasing voter engagement, critical thinking and meaningful interaction with our democratic system. 

It provides voters with the opportunity to understand who and what they are voting for, and compare their options. 

It offers candidates an opportunity to clarify your beliefs and communicate these to voters.

It enables campaigners to connect with people who can help and support their ideas.

The Questions

The questions asked of candidates in the Sheffield Local Election have been developed to present their ideas and positions on topics relevant to Sheffield in the coming years. We’ve tried to pinpoint key debates in national policy which matter to voters, and to identify the upcoming decisions to be made by Sheffield City Council.

In future, this site will enable citizens of Sheffield to raise questions and issues important to them, for inclusion in the surveys of councillors and candidates.

Due to the time pressures for this initial launch, questions have been developed by Eleanor Holmshaw, with assistance from Nigel Slack and Minesh Parekh. None of the questions have been suggested by political parties, and are not intended to represent any party’s position.

Who we are

Minesh Parekh

Minesh Parekh is a political researcher in Sheffield, co-founder of Sheffield Labour for a Green New Deal, and has written for publications including LabourList and Tribune Magazine.

Nigel Slack

Nigel is part of the Steering Group of Sheffield For Democracy, worked with the Electoral Reform Society and associated Universities on the pilot Citizens Assembly on Devolution, has given evidence to Parliamentary Select Committees on local political powers and voter engagement, and is a Tutor on politics for the WEA.

Eleanor Holmshaw

Eleanor works for Sheffield-based arts, culture and politics organisation Opus Independents, literature organisation The Poetry Business and independent publishers And Other Stories. In her spare time she co-ordinates the Common Thread Clothes Exchange, reads, litter-picks, devours podcasts and puts the world to rights in the pub.