Elected in 2023 Local Elections Paul Turpin City Council candidate for Gleadless Valley Sheffield

Paul Turpin

Tell us a little bit about yourself

It’s been a privilege to represent you for the last four years – working for the community I live in. As a councillor, I feel like I have made a difference, both locally and citywide. I am always looking to improve our area and make interesting, positive changes in our ward.
Whether that’s getting potholes filled and fly tipping collected, supporting community groups, helping to make our streets safer with 20mph zones, campaigning for better public transport and the return of the no.10 bus.

What do you think makes a good local councillor?

Being part of the community they represent, being bold and standing up for what matters and always putting the needs of the people before the needs of the party.

Tell us three things you're aiming to focus on or achieve for your ward during your term as councillor

Tackling inequality and the climate emergency, building community, and improving the safety of the ward for residents.

Tell us three things you're aiming to focus on or achieve for the city of Sheffield during your term as councillor

have never shirked from doing things even when the right way is the hardest way, and have never put votes ahead of making the right decisions for our community and city.

I hope you will put your trust in me to represent you in the town hall and in our community for another four years. I will, as always, do my best for you.

Environment: Sheffield City Council has stated that to reach its aim of net-zero by 2030, "change will be difficult... we will have to take hard decisions as a council on behalf of the city". If elected, what changes will you make to enable Sheffield to reach net zero by 2030?

I have worked hard to get the climate emergency into everything the council does. I introduced mandatory climate literacy training for officers and councillors, carbon audits for businesses, a climate impact assessment to measure the impact of decisions on the climate emergency.

I have steered many things that positively affect the future of Sheffield for everyone in the city – like the many initiatives to tackle the climate emergency, looking at how the local economy is measured, the priorities that will steer decision-making in the new City Goals and how the city will be developed over the next 20 years in the Sheffield Local Plan and putting the climate emergency into school dinner provision by reducing single use plastics and having a meat free day every week.

Transport: Sheffield City Council, and the Mayoral Combined Authority, have been awarded multi-million pound pots to improve cycling and walking networks. What are your priorities for transport infrastructure in Sheffield?

Extending the tram network, improving bus reliability and bringing buses back in house. Creating more safe, segregated active travel routes.

Local Economy: Sheffield City Council has a forecasted cumulative budget gap of £111million by 2026/27. How would you raise revenue for the city going forward?

Increasing money for transport with a workplace parking levy for the cities largest employers and improving parking enforcement to make roads safer while also increasing the budget.

Housing: On 14th December 2022 the council adopted a motion asking the housing policy committee to consider adopting further selective licensing throughout the city. Do you think Landlord Licensing in Sheffield should be extended, from currently applying to Abbeydale Road, Chesterfield Road and London Road, to covering more wards?

  • Yes
  • Unsure
  • No

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