Elected in 2023 Local Elections Abdul Khayum candidate for Sheffield Local Election Firth Park

Abdul Khayum

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I have lived in the area for forty years. All my children have grown up in this area, where I also have extended family. I have worked in the voluntary/community sector for over thirty years; as a school governor, a board member of two housing associations, a board member of probation services, an advisory panel member to SY Police and Police & Crime Commissioner and with many other voluntary organisations. I also sit as a magistrate. I am passionate about improving services to local communities.

What do you think makes a good local councillor?

Being aware of local issues in your ward, and wider city-wide issues that affect local communities. Being accessible to constituents at all times via telephone, email and regular surgeries. Communicating regularly with local communities and representing interests of your ward area in the Council. Making a contribution to the the work of the Council on city-wide issues.

Tell us three things you're aiming to focus on or achieve for your ward during your term as councillor

We have a lot of council housing tenants in our ward and I’m aiming to focus on ensuring that tenants receive the best possible service, particularly in relation to housing repairs service, and to improve the standard of housing in our ward.

Secondly, I am aiming to focus on tackling fly-tipping and litter, and anti-social behaviour which has blighted this area for a long time, by working more closely with our cleaning services and the police service.

Thirdly, I would like to focus on enhancing and further developing the work of our Local Area Committee which provides a mechanism for local democracy and devolved decision making at local community level.

Tell us three things you're aiming to focus on or achieve for the city of Sheffield during your term as councillor

To help tackle inequalities across the city.

To help improve our transport system, making it affordable and more comprehensive, to meet the needs of our communities across Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

To help ensure the completion of our City Centre Development to aid economic recovery in our city.

Housing: On 14th December 2022 the council adopted a motion asking the housing policy committee to consider adopting further selective licensing throughout the city. Do you think Landlord Licensing in Sheffield should be extended, from currently applying to Abbeydale Road, Chesterfield Road and London Road, to covering more wards?

  • Yes
  • Unsure/Neutral
  • No

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