Elected in 2021 Mazher Iqbal candidate for Sheffield Local Election Darnall

Mazher Iqbal

My name is Mazher Iqbal and I am a councillor for Darnall Ward, Sheffield.

My passion to devoting my life to Darnall, Sheffield and public service comes directly from my life experiences.

My parents migrated from Pakistan. I grew up in Tinsley with my brother and four sisters in  the ward I now represent, an area steeped in Sheffield’s industrial heritage, in a two up two down terrace house.

When we talk about racial discrimination, I’ve experienced it and I have devoted my life towards fighting racial injustice, never has this been more prominent than now following the killing of George Floyd last year and the Black Lives Matter campaign.

When we talk about poor housing I’ve lived it, I’ve devoted my professional life to giving our young people hope and represented one of the most polluted and deprived areas in our region.

The life I’ve lived represents many of the challenges faced by the people of Darnall and Sheffield today

I’ve lived these experiences and as a result I am well placed to fight for them.