Elected in 2023 Local Elections Denise Fox City Council councillor for Birley Sheffield

Denise Fox

I was elected in Birley in 2005 and I hope that I have represented the people to the best of my ability.

I also work part time for the civil service and have been a trade union member since the age of 16 when I first started work. I am a member of PCS and became a representative for them in 2004. My union values, which are to fight for the rights and fairness for all workers, led me to become a councillor to extend the fight to all of the citizens of Sheffield.

I am married and have been for 30 years, and have a son, a daughter and 2 grandsons. I grew up in Attercliffe when the steel factories dominated the horizon, and this is where I was taught about communities and about sticking together as well as looking after each other. I was a Girl Guide and was taught Christian values too, which I believe is still part of my character today.

In 1975 I moved to Foxhill because the houses and factories were being demolished. I then was thrown into a completely different way of life on a large estate that had green fields near by, the aromas from the farms were something else I had to get used to.

I went to work as an office junior in a large steel factory before being promoted to Stock Control. I met my husband and we got married in 1981.

In 1984 soon after giving up my job to become a mother my husband went on strike for over a year. This was another challenge: I had to overcome no money and a small child to feed, meaning I had to find work anywhere I could and found myself doing all sorts of roles I had never dreamed I would.

After the strike I became involved in politics and realised what it was all about. I became a member of The Labour Party but took a back seat until the opportunity arose for me to stand in Birley.

I have met many different people in Birley and share their commitment to change our environment to make it a better place to live. Together we can achieve it.